I am Reysi Kamhi Mitrani. Painting has been my biggest passion since my childhood. With the illustrations I produce and the designs I create, I build colorful worlds and tell fun and sincere stories. I have prints and stationery products that emerged from these stories.

Also, I collaborate with many brands in areas such as textile, stationery, visual identity.
I love being part of my clients’ stories and passions with my colors. To me, color is the mood, is a way of telling stories and sharing feelings.

I’m also grateful for any kind of art gathering. In my workshops with adults and children, I come together with wonderful new people and connect through art. Every time is an unforgettable art experience for me where we explore together the limitless potential of creativity.

When i am not creating or teaching, i’m spending quality time with my family, playing a lot of with my son, having a very tasteful cup of coffee at my husband’s coffee shop, listening a podcast while walking, meditating, practicing yoga and trying my best to improve myself and my self growth.